Da Mihi Pecuniam!

A class participation system that really “pays” off

As hard as we all try to be fair, that “participation point” can often go to the quickest student, or the smartest, or even the most gregarious.  What if you’re that kid who listens and stays focused but doesn’t want to be on stage exactly?  What if you spend your time encouraging a struggling friend to raise their hand?  What if you make a good guess but don’t get it right?  What if you always understand the teacher, and do what is asked without making a big deal about it?  What if you are ready for class before anyone else?  What if your materials are at your fingertips, so that you are the first person who whips out a paper called for by the teacher?  Do these things not define class participation as well?

“Da Mihi Pecuniam!” is a clear, fair, quantifiable system for tracking class participation which also streamlines classroom procedures and even plays a role in introducing new structures.  Please come and join in the discussion as we examine the possibilities of this technique.

Files for Dawn Mitchell’s “Da Mihi Pecuniam” talk will be stored here.

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